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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I call with questions and talk to a real person?Absolutely! We are here to help! Our staff is here to help with any questions or concerns you may have.

Please call us 1-888-948-4789 Monday-Friday, 9:00 am  6:00 pm Eastern Standard Time.

If you reach us after hours, feel free to leave a message, or email us at One of our representatives will be get back to you shortly.

I'm getting an error when trying to use my coupon code.Before calling us, try the solutions below:

  • Make sure the address in the address bar at the top of your screen begins with
  • Refresh the shopping cart page by pressing F5 on your keyboard or clicking the "Refresh" icon in your browser.
  • If you are copying and pasting the coupon code from an email or website, try typing the code manually. Remove any spaces and only type the letters or numbers.
  • Double-check that your coupon is still valid.

What if I have a physical print and not a digital image? Since this is a digital process, we will need to have your physical print scanned and converted into a digital file. You can either scan it yourself, or you are welcome to mail the image to us for scanning.

We can accept prints up to 8.5" x 11.5" in size on our scanner. If you are mailing us originals to scanned, be sure to properly secure these items in a photo mailer to prevent damage during shipping.

We are not responsible for damage to your image due to mailing. We also recommend you ship it using a service that provides a tracking number. Include a note with all of your contact information (name, address, phone, email) and a brief idea of what size and type of art print you would like us to produce.

Att: Photo Production Department
2301 NW 33rd Ct #105
Pompano Beach, FL 33069

Are there any restrictions on what type of photos can be printed?You can print any digital image on canvas with us whether it be a photograph, drawing, painting or digital art. Remember that your uploaded file must be in .jpg or .png format.

There are no restrictions on what subjects can be printed, but createmywalls reserves the right to refuse orders with "questionable" content. You must be the copyright owner of the image or have obtained permission for reproduction from the copyright owner.

What about copyrighted materials?The law protects copyright holders from having their work reproduced without compensation. This means that you must have permission from the copyright owner to print a copy of their image. The copyright owner is usually the photographer or artist who originally created the image, or it may be an agency which has licensed and/or has purchased the rights to resell the image.

If the photo you plan to use is from a professional photographer, you must have a release that states you have permission to use the image for personal use. Images from the Internet are generally copyright protected and are also displayed at too low a resolution for printing.

When placing an order with us, you agree that you are the copyright owner or have permission to reproduce the image(s) submitted to createmywalls. We do not preform validation of your copyright permissions, we accept no liability for images that are copyright protected. If you submit the image, we understand you own or have reproduction rights to the image.

How long do you keep my payment information and images on file?Any image you provide is erased after a 3 month period. We erase this information to avoid high storage costs and for privacy and security purposes. We do not retain any payment/credit information on file for your privacy and security as well.

Is my personal information secure?At createmywalls we respect your privacy. We do not store payment information and your personal details will never be sold or distributed to a third party.

Do you offer commercial or wholesale discounts?We offer volume discounts for large projects and certain discounts for qualified commercial and wholesale customers. Please contact us for more details.

What if there is a mistake in my order, or if I want to cancel?If you think your order was not properly submitted, or if an error was made, please contact us and we will correct or cancel the order ASAP.

How long will it take to get my order delivered?Due to high volume during our current promotion, our turnaround time for most orders to be printed and prepared for shipment is estimated at 5-6 business days.

We then ship via FedEx Ground. Estimated shipping times are as follows;

  • East Coast 1-3 days
  • Midwest 2-4 days
  • West Coast 3-5 days


What file formats do you accept?We currently only accept .jpg and .png formats. Your image should be at least 175KB and with a maximum size of 20 MB. Should you have other file formats or larger files, we can handle them, however you will need to contact us directly at

How do I know if my photo is good enough to print?You are always welcome to send us the file to review before ordering. Email us at Tell us your ideal size, format and effect. We will gladly recommend sizes that best fit the image.

When emailing us the file, please attach the file in its full original size. If you have multiple images, please send them in separate emails with clear information on each.

If you have a CD/DVD with your image(s), simply send it to us. Include the name of the file you want us to use, as well as the ideal size, format, and effect you would like printed. Please make sure you have a back-up as we do not return CD/DVD. We erase, or destroy, the contents and recycle the material. Please send your CD/DVD to:

Att: Photo Production Department
2301 NW 33rd Court #105
Pompano Beach, FL

Will my finished print  look like the image on my computer screen?Images look different on every type of media used (paper, canvas, metal, acrylic, monitors, television, projectors, etc.). Your printed image will be a true representation of your image, however it will not be identical to the image on your computer or camera screen. Screen resolution for viewing is never a true indicator of print resolution.

How do I know if my image is good to print at a particular size?We offer a great selection of sizes to choose from for your final print. The print quality of your image will be determined by its original dimensions(size and pixel) versus the final dimensions of the print.

What printing technology and products do you use? CreateMyWalls uses the most modern and efficient printing technologies available in the market. Our printing process is based on the Giclee(pronounced zhee-CLAY) process of creating fine art prints transferred from a digital source.

  • Metal: We print all our metal artworks on top quality 1/8 inch thick aluminum composite media with a brushed aluminum finish. Unlike many of our competitors, we believe that the media you choose to print with should be an element of your final print. Since we do not print with White ink on our metal prints, wherever there are strong highlights and large amounts of pure white, you will see bare brushed aluminum.  Please note, due to print specifications, the final print size may vary +/- .5".  For example, an 11x14 print may actually be 10.5" x 13.5" after cutting.
    Our prints are ready to hang with two spacers(hanging bars) already adhered to the back of your print with industrial strength glass/mirror adhesive.
  • Acrylic: We print all of our acrylic/plexi-glass artworks on D-cast 3/16 inch thick optically clear acrylic. We do not mount or laminate a digital print onto the acrylic, we print DIRECTLY onto the back of the acrylic media.
    Our prints are ready to hang with two spacers(hanging bars) already adhered to the back of your print with industrial strength glass/mirror adhesive.
    Please note, if your image has a very light background, in some cases our hanging hardware(spacer bars) may be slightly visible through the front face of the print. This is usually not an issue once the image is hung up against the wall, but hand held, or if its hung up in a window, you will be able to see the outline of our hanging hardware. This is not an error in printing. Our acrylic prints are not meant for backlit applications.  Please note, due to print specifications, the final print size may vary +/- .5".  For example, an 11x14 print may actually be 10.5" x 13.5" after cutting.
  • Canvas: All of our canvas artworks are printed on Hewlett Packard wide format plotters and we use only original Hewlett Packard aqueous dye inks. Our cotton based museum quality canvas has been tested and proven to last for over 75 years in normal indoor conditions. Our canvas prints are NOT meant for outdoor use.
    Our stretcher bars are manufactured with the highest quality SPF lumber and kiln dried for consistent structural strength.

What are the stretching options for canvas prints?We have 2 types of finishing for canvas prints; stretched and non-stretched.

"Stretched" canvases (Gallery Wrap) are stapled around a wooden stretcher frame.

Unlike our competitors, we DO NOT crop your images by wrapping part of the image around the borders of the frame. We scale the image to "bleed," thus creating a border to accommodate for the width of the wrap. This ensures we maintain your full image area on the front of the canvas.

You may also choose not to scale the image. In this case, we print the canvas slightly larger to accommodate the borders so the edges are blank, or canvas color.

These are available in a single depth, Gallery Wrap (1.5").

"Non-stretched" rolled canvases are only the image printed on canvas with a border on each side of plain canvas color. There is no stretching involved.

This is the option you want if you will be doing your own stretching or using the canvas in another way.

Do you have frames?Look for decorative frame options from us in the near future, but for now, please visit a local frame or craft shop for this service.

If I order a Gallery Wrap, is the size I order the print or the finished product?With our Gallery Wrap canvas, the size you order is the size of the finished product you receive. For Gallery Wraps we scale the image to "bleed," thus creating a border to accommodate for the width of the wrap. This ensures we maintain your full image area on the front of the canvas.

For Non-Stretch or rolled canvases, the size you order is the actual image area. We include an additional 1" of blank canvas on all sides in case you intend to stretch the canvas yourself.

How long will the canvas last?All our inks are archival quality and have been estimated to last for over 75 years. CANVAS IS INTENDED FOR INDOOR USE ONLY. As with any art, we do not recommend direct exposure to sunlight for extended periods. CANVAS CANNOT HAVE ANY DIRECT CONTACT WITH WATER OR MOISTURE. There is no extended warranty or guarantee on the product beyond our 30-day return policy.

How do I clean the canvas?Our canvas is quite durable and should resist most scratches, smudges, fingerprints, etc. You can dust canvases with a soft, dry cloth. OUR CANVASES ARE NOT TREATED WITH ANY KIND OF COATING. DO NOT APPLY ANY MOISTURE OR WATER OF ANY KIND TO YOUR CANVAS PRINT. Do not use a wet or damp cloth at any time.

What is the best way to hang my print?Hanging your print, whether its on canvas, acrylic or metal, is simple. Make sure to have a hammer, nail and Level handy. A general rule of thumb is to have the center of the piece, hung at the average persons eye-level. Galleries will often hang the center of the art from 60"- 66" off the floor. If your print will hang over a piece of furniture, just adjust the hanging height to be clear of any obstruction.

Shipping & Returns

What shipping method do you use and how long does it take?All our shipments are sent via FedEx Ground. FedEX Ground usually takes from 2-5 business days for delivery, depending on your mailing address.

How much does shipping cost?We have negotiated very aggressive rates with FedEx and we pass these rates along to our customers. You will find that our freight rates versus many other companies are aggressive.

Where can I find my tracking number?Once your order is processed and dispatched for shipping, you will receive an email with full order and tracking details.

Can you ship to a PO box? NO. We cannot ship to PO Boxes. FedEX requires a physical address for all deliveries.

Can you ship internationally or to an APO address?Unfortunately, we DO NOT offer international shipping or shipping to an APO address.

How are the prints packaged?All of our products are bagged in a 2 mil poly bag for protection. Also, we have custom manufactured foam corners and special boxes to ensure your prints will show up undamaged.

What if my print arrives damaged?Accidents do happen, especially during shipment. If your print inside arrives damaged, please take photographs of the damage and email them to us at 

One of our representatives will contact you with further instructions once we've reviewed your claim.

If I´m not happy with my print, can I return it?If there is an error or defect with your order, please let us know immediately. Send us an email with your order number and details. In most cases, we will accept returns within 30 days of receipt of your order.

We are not responsible to reprint or refund your order, if any of the following conditions appy;

  • You simply do not like the chosen effect that you have ordered.
  • You simply do not like the chosen image that you have ordered.
  • The final print does not match our small Preview window. This preview image is only a preview sample, and is not the final image.

Can I pick up my order instead of having it shipped?Yes, if you are local to South Florida area, you may pickup your order during our regular business hours. Contact us once you've placed your order. Make sure to have your order number handy.

Can I ship my order directly to family or friends, even though the billing address will not match the shipping address?

Of course we can. When completing your order, you can enter the shipping and billing addresses accordingly.

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